i need to know what to do

by Rose Minor
(savage,mn usa)

i have a 2 year old male cat he is un-neutered and i am 29 weeks pregnant. through the pregnancy he has been good and the last few nights he will walk around the house while we are trying to sleep meowing then he will come in to the room and onto the bed. he will paw at my blanket as if he is trying to get comfy but he starts humping my tummy and when i go to push him off he meows nasty at me. he has never acted this way before. i would like to know why he is doing this and how can i get him to stop. it is hard enough trying to sleep while pregnant then to add a cat in the mix that wont be quite and wants to get frisky is no fun. please help

well it could be that you smell differently and it may be a similar scent to that of a cat in heat and this is triggering his reaction.

As you know your hormones are changing at this time and this could affect your scent, may be we don't notice it but cats have a much keener sense of smell.

My advice would be to have him neutered. this will have so many benefits including reducing his levels of aggression which may be a good thing when your baby is around. It also has health benefits for the cat too.

I have a page about this here


the male cats operation is much cheaper and easier to do than a female cats and so it should ba relatively easy and quick thing to organize for your cat.

Other than that the only other option you have is to keep him out of your room at night to stop him disturbing your sleep. You know how persistent they can be otherwise.

Wish you all the best with your coming new arrival


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