I rescued my babygirl cat but now she has a skin problem.

by Jade

Babygirl bald patch

Babygirl bald patch

Hi I adopted this female cat about a year ago she was very hungry and staving my daughter was out playing and this cat just kept following her every wear so she brought it back home. I wasn't going to keep her as I all ready have 2 other cats but when I saw her I felt sorry for her.

At first I was just going to feed her but from the first time she come in she wouldn't leave but she does go out all the time and all ways comes back. Even when we are out, she will wait by the front door till we get back. So I decided to keep her.

I do think she is a house cat because she is so lovely and well trained but she was staving. It's like who ever had her just up and left her because it looked like she has been out for a couple of months. Bless her she is such a lovely cat.

But the other day she went out and come back with this bald patch it don't seem to bother her or anything can anyone help her, see the photo.

That looks nasty to me. Although it is not red and inflamed in the picture so it may just be that she has been in a fight and had some fur pulled out.

Keep an eye on it and if it gets worse or starts to weep or become red and inflamed or if you notice any other odd symptoms, take her to see a vet. Hopefully it is nothing and will start to grow back soon.

Its great to hear that you decided to take her in and look after her. It is such a shame that so many cats get abandoned for no reason, it really makes me angry. Thank goodness there are people like you around to pick up the pieces. However there is a financial cost in taking care of a cat as you know , such as vaccinations, spaying and those unexpected vet bills. My advice is to get some pet insurance. It isn't that expensive each month and can save you thousands; I know it has saved me both heartache and lots of money over the years.

Hope she recovers soon


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by: Jade

Hi Kate thank u for getting back to me so fast will keep an eye on her and let u know how she gets on thank u j

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