I rescued Shadow , Lil Bit , Cecil , Cheese & Rezin

by Brittney

I have rescued 4 kittens Shadow ,lil bit, Cecil , Cheese & Rezin

Shadow & Lil Bit

October 2007 Me & my friend were on his ranch in ky. we heard a Hiss followed by a growl and a cat cry out fearing that his cat 5 month old sophie was being hurt we ran toward the noises as fast as we could when we finally found Sophie she was face to face with with a cat 3 times her size we got in between the cats and tried to protect Sophie. when i glanced down i noticed the cat had something in its mouth it look kinda like a mouse but bigger i looked around on the ground for something to make the other cat back away when i noticed another thing a baby kitten on the ground thats when i realized the other cat had a kitten in its mouth i thought maybe sophie had scared a momma kitty and she was just trying to protect them but a little while later i realized that wasn't the case. i watched the other cat try to walk away and sophie jump in the way hissing and growling then i noticed they were fighting over the kittens and that the bigger cat was biting the kittens neck to hard and making it bleed. i darted forward and grabbed the cat by the neck at this point i realized it was a male cat not a female cat. and it was try to hurt the kittens. i quickly started trying to get the kitten out of its mouth my arms were all scratched up and i was bitten several times before rescuing it. i grabbed the other baby kitten as the big cat darted toward it then my friend grabbed sophie and we ran to the house to make sure the kittens were all right. one kitten was fine starving but fine.we named her shadow the other one though lost its eye and almost didn't survive. but it did thank god and we named him lil bit. :) they are both now 2 yrs old and happy health and playful.


December 2008 Image the horror of seeing a very tiny 2 weeks old kitten on a very busy high way in Florida by itself.I was Passing by and noticed it. i panicked i love animals and i don't like it when they die or get hurt. so i ran out on to the free way grabbed the kitten as the car came towards me it slammed on its breaks as i griped the kitten as tight as possible without hurting it in my arms and shut my eyes. boomb i felt the car kit my side not very hard it was only going 15 mph when it hit me because the person tried to stop i was fine just a lil bruising. but i saved the kitten i took it home poor then starving dehydrated and just a baby i took care of her we later named her cecil :) she is now 1 yrs old and hyper active. i'm so gald that on that fateful day neither of us died or were badly hurt :)


November 2009 it all started when me & my husband noticed my neighbors had left there new 6 week old kitten outside it was a cold California night. the kitten was crying all night at the door. nobody even tried to let it in. this kept on for a few days and then stopped. 2 weeks later we noticed the kitten was in our yard we walked toward the kitten it tried to run when we did but fell over exhausted. i picked the kitten up examined her and realized i could feel her ribs i showed my husband and we
brought her inside to feed her she stayed she never wanted to go back to her old house. we talked to out neighbors a few times. they told us we could have her if we wanted they didn't like her because she wouldn't go to the bathroom out side. (which is odd because she did from the moment we took her in) they also would spank her for going in the house they also said she was annoying they called her moo chow we call her cheese :) we were more then happy to have her as apart of our family Cheese is cheese shes random funny sweet lovable cute and friendly she has no fear. who knows what would have happened if we didn't bother to pick her up that day :) i'm glad we did because she is now apart of our family. Also Cheese is really big for her age now :)


January 2010 My husband took his moms dachshund little man out for a walk. little man loves cats a lil too much. while my husband was walking litle man they came across a stray momma cat with 4 kittens the momma cat freaked out and started to move her babies. my husband came back after walking little man and told me he and little man were almost eaten by a stray momma cat i laughed then thought about it and asked to go see her to make sure he is alright and give her some food and water. as we walked up we looked around and found her in a bush with only 1 of her kittens a few yards away we located the other 3 kittens they 3 kittens were fat and healthy. but the 4th kitten wasn't moving at all and the momma cat refused to leave it alone. so thinking of the well being for both the momma cat and her 3 well kittens and the health of the 1 baby kitten i picked up the kitten handed it to my husband and told him to take it home. the momma cat tried to stop us but her stomach spoke louder then her instincts. and she went to her other babies. we brought the kitten home we noticed it was very thin very dehydrated not moving it couldn't even turn its head or open its eyes. soo small smaller then all the other kittens while the other kittens looked to be about 3-4 months this kitten looked like she was 3-6 weeks old. we gave her milk. cooked fish , pork , steak , chicken. we even gave her wet food. and wrapped her up in blue blanket we feed her 6 times in a day. 3 times during light and 3 times during night. we started to notice improvement from the start even though she was afraid of the other cats. she still loved us now she still pretty thin and still small but shes healthier shes active she plays runs eats sleeps cuddles and attacks anything she can jump straight up into the air 5ft from the floor she wrestles with all the cats and meows alot she even hangs out on our shoulders :) i'm so happy we saved her from death. we named her Rezin.

Currently right now. our cats Cheese is Asleep on a suit case. and Rezin is passed out on the high chair in the kitchen lol :) Hippis out in the hallway. Nala, Shrooma , Meow & Phoiro are Running around outside. shadow li bit and cecil are all cuddling asleep starr and night are asleep in the tub. our dogs Cpt. Puppy is sleeping in the room on the bed. Dodo is alseep under the blankets and little man is asleep on the couch

:) hope you enjoyed my stories :)

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