I spotted my George when he was just a kitten

by Mimi
(Rockland ontario )

George The Cat

George The Cat

Back in February 2014 I spotted a yellow kitten coming around my home. I was amazed to see such a little sweet kitten but he seemed very afraid to come to a human being. I knew that he must be a stray, therefore, I left food outside for him. He found the food and ate and was apparently sleeping in a make shift garage shelter close by. Everyday I spotted him coming around. It took me 2 years to finally pet him. Everytime he saw me, he ran and hid and returned later. I could not approach him or touch him. I provided shelter for him for the winter and 3 times a day I fed him. But I could not touch him as he was scared and ran but returned.

Two years plus later I was able to place my hand on his back for a few seconds, but he was scared. I promised him that one day he would belong to me and in my home. I had no idea how I could make this happen as I was unable to touch him. With hard work, patience and food I managed to pick him up in my arms for a few seconds a day. He had never been held. Everyday rain or snow, I was out trying to pick him up.
To make this story shorter, because working with a feral cat takes time, I finally had my day. I picked him up and carried him in my home and called a vet. The vet took one look at him and said, get rid of him, he will spray all over your house. Get rid of that cat. I said no, please examine him and give him all his shots.
I gave up on my vet and saw a new vet in town. He ran all the necessary tests on George, gave him meds. I named my new cat George and he has been with me in the house and in my back yard which is fully fenced and he is living happily. He is a happy cat. He is the most intelligent, cleanest animal in the house that I have ever owned. He does not touch my furniture, but he loves his scratching post that I got him.
I had a few cats in my life time, but working and owning a feral cats has been the best journey thus far. They appreciate everything you do for them. They are so affectionate. My George is nicknamed "lover boy" as he loves to sleep in my arms at night. My feral cat is the best and if you ever come across one and is able to do what I have done, you will never regret it.

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It's worth the effort
by: Sarah

Hi Quinn

Please don't give up I got my two cats from an animal rescue and one was very traumatised and shy when we brought her and her sister home. Their owner had died and I believe was ill for a long time before that as she was semi-feral and they both had no experience of bring picked up let alone put in a cat carrier or given a pill.

It took months for us to be able to pet her and even then she would hiss and not let us touch her some days. Now a year on she sleeps on our bed and sometimes sits on my husband's lap. She has only two visitors she likes but she'll come out and demand strokes from them. It took a year but she's such an affectionate cat now. I think it took her that long to learn what our behaviour meant and to truly know we were safe to be around.

Working on one
by: Quinn

Thank you for your story. I am in love with a feral cat that lives on the property I rent. According to the neighbors this beautiful cat has been living there for 3 years, enduring the harsh elements of Idaho. I honestly can't believe it survived last winter. I started to feed it (I do not know the sex) a few months ago. It comes when it is called but will not let me touch him/her. I can come very close but it is frightened. So petite and a gorgeous with a mane of long cinnamon hair. It communicates with me by blinking and using the most heartbreaking facial expressions. It is kitten size so I can't imagine how it defends itself. Everyone says I am crazy and to stop feeding it but I can't help but feel that it needs to be loved as your lover boy is now. Both of my cats were stray cats from the streets and they are wonderful. Thank you for inspiring me to keep trying. In the last three months it is clear that we are building trust.
I will not give up.

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