i think my cat is dieing...

by brittany

my cat is about 7-9years old, im not sure exactly how old she is...

shes been growling a bit, and when she growls its like shes doing it out of pain, and some gooey yellowish substance comes from her hind end...i cant afford to bring to to a vet, but im scared shes dieing...i dont know whats wrong with her...

Answer by Kate
Quick question to you. if someone you loved was in pain and something was oozing out of them, what would you do?
Your answer to this question answers your question above. there is no difference. In America you have to have insurance I understand to access health care for humans. Again the the same applies to other family members such as pets. Insurance is necessary to own a cat it is not an option.

Now I suspect you are angry at my response, I am sorry about this but I am angry when someone tells me that there cat is in pain and displaying symptoms of illness and they say they can't afford to pay for the vets. I am sorry but there is no other option.

It sounds like your cat has an infection of some sort, yellow liquid coming out of them or from wounds indicate this and without treatment with antibiotics etc the outcome is not good.

Brittany, if you care for your pet then you must find a way to get them some treatment from a vet. There are always animal charities around in all areas that may be able to help, if money really is a big issue.

This is the first time I have answered a question in this way before but I'm sorry I am giving you my honest answer. Where an animal is in pain or is suffering from obvious symptoms the only thing you can do is to seek professional medical help, there are no over the counter solutions.

I wish you all the bets in finding some way of getting vet care for your cat soon.

best wishes kate

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shes better
by: brittany

i did call around and they are all to expensive for me to take her
but i did talk to my cousin who works for a vet in TX
she got some information for me that really helped,
shes doing a lot better
nothing had been coming out of her the past two days,
but she still growls, not nearly as often though,
my cousin said it is probably just a minor infection and it should heal up soon
the medication we gave her seems to really be working, thanks for your answers and i agree with you all
i know the vet is the only way...i do treat her like my child though, i hope there are not any doubts about how much i love her...i just wish i could afford to take her to the vet to make sure shell be ok, but all seems well now.

Comment by Kate
great to hear she is on the mend and well done for doing and finding out all you could for her.

best wishes kate

by: Anonymous

I agree. I treat my cats like they're my children and if they were sick I would take them to a vet. Call around first to find out what the office visit will cost. There are some vets who work quite cheap. By the way you spelled dieing wrong. It's dying, not dieing :) Best of luck to you and your baby(cat)!!

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