i think my cat is in pain...

by gigi
(new york)

since this morning my 7 month old kitten has been making this noise and sitting low to the ground with her little back legs spread far apart. she pushes her butt up and rolls on the floor making the this weird "prrrr" noise... which is quite loud.

i think she's in pain cause she'll be playing and then out of the blue i'll see her stop and sit with her body low and legs apart. this is very abnormal of her.
what could be wrong?

Answer by Kate
this does sound strange. To be honest i have no idea. At seven months she is maturing into an adult cat so it may be the first signs of going into heat. https://www.our-happy-cat.com/cat-in-heat.html
If I were you I would take her to the vets for a check up and also perhaps arrange for her to be spayed (if thats what you plan to do)

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Strange behavior!!
by: Anonymous

Hi, it sounds to me like your kitty is definitely on heat for the first time.. our cat Bootz, when she went on heat for the first time I actually thought she had broken her or something erratic like that!! She would not walk and looked as if she were disabled! (Mangled even!) Lol and she kept her rear end up high a n d would crael around everywhere "comando styles"!! Rubbing her head/face on the carpet! Making horrible meowing sounds like as if she were in a great deal of pain!! I immediately rang the local vet in a panic and described her behavior to the vet and was told this was quite the normal behavior of a feline on heat for the first time! And that this would last for 10-14 days every 6 weeks for 3 months of the year!!until mated or desexed! It can be quite alarming if you're unaware of this behavior and have never seen/heaed a female on heat before!! Lol well good luck!!

by: Anonymous

My cat does that when she is in heat. She is probably not in pain. They tend to rub on the floor or anything they can when they are in heat, and the sound is a calling to get a male cat to come and impregnant her. She should be fine, but if you are still worried I would take her to the vet just to be sure.

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