Ideas on sick kitten... fridge obsession may be a clue???

by Becki
(Orlando, FL, US)

Hi, I have an 8 month old kitten who has been to the vet for everything under the sun recently... i swear every time he actually gets worse. We origionally took him in because he would pant easily when he played or sometimes just from jumping up on my bed (like it knocked the wind out of him. He doesn't really pant anymore... but he won't play either (he wants to, bats his arm once or twice, and lays down). He now has continual very squishy bowl movements (have tried the vet E/I diet and many other foods), vet said to try small amount of yogurt.. (no worms, no obvious blood conditions)... but they can't seem to find anything and the next step is supposedly a "lung, heart, throat specialist" just to see if they "happen to find anything" (which as a grad student I can't afford... already put more into his health than my own).

I also noticed that my kitten always seems to be hot. He never stretches out in the sun, avoiding the window when sunny, but when its cold he presses up against it. When I open the refrigerator he comes running and tries to lay on the bottom shelf and doesn't want to get out, and on only cold days he runs to the door as soon as when we open it (I think assuming its a giant fridge). I tried to tell my vet this thinking it seemed odd but her response was that he has a fur coat so he's going to be warm...
I've had many pets... none of them ever wanted to desperately sit in my fridge..

I just want him to be healthy... I would load a picture of my handsome little man, but can't find my camera cable. You'd fall in love. He's really the best little guy ever and I want to be able to keep him a long time! Please help is if you have any clues.

Becki and Spencer (a.k.a little man)

Answer by Kate
well I am not a vet but the symptoms do sound like some heart or lung condition. Over heating can be a sign of heart problems and the lack of energy too. It may be a thyroid problem and only blood work can find out for sure.

I would have thought that the vet would have been able to do some heart, lung and blood work to see if there are any signs of trouble. My own cat has a heart condition but she is old now so it is not that unusual.

Unfortunately this does not sound like it is going to be cheap. I know from experience that blood work etc can be very expensive, we were lucky because we had cat insurance. All I can suggest is seeing if there any local cat charities near you that can help at all.

I really hope you can find some help soon for your little guy as it does sound like he is rather poorly. Let me know what you find out as I would love to know the outcome.

best wishes Kate

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