im concerned about my cat

Hi, my name is Lorisha

My cat Bella keeps makeing this moaning sound constenly..I dont know what is wrong with her, she keeps puttin her butt up in the air. I went to look at her feet to see if maybe she stepped in a sticker or something,and she puts her butt up high in the air everytime. she wont stop makeing moaning sounds. She was always mean to my dog swating her away everytime she came near her,but for some reason she lets my dog lick her now. this is very unusual. I thought maybe she has a tummy ache,but she still eats. I looked at her butt to see if maybe she is constipated,and this clear liquid is around it. Im concerned? i know she could have not gotten into something outside,because she is a house i dont kno.
Please write me back

Answer from Kate
is she spayed?if not then her symptoms sound like a cat in heat. please see this page for more on this

Having her spayed will stop these symptoms.

if she is spayed then it is possible that she is in some discomfort in which case your only option is to take her to the vets to have her examined properly.

best wishes Kate

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Indoor cat not spayed
by: Sara

A cat in heat WILL find a way to get out such as clawing and biting their way through a window screen. Believe me, she can squeeze through a small opening then she is out. If there are many males around they will all try to mate with her weather she wants them to or not and she may become injured if she fights back. Even worse than that is she may never come home; she may be scared off by so many males and runs until she no longer knows where home is. Then there she will be, a cat on the streets, pregnant alone and easy prey for any number of awful things street cats go through. Meanwhile, in the house her calling and scent is attracting males that are not neutered. This presents a problem for not just you but your neighbors as the males are marking territory around the place your cat lives. If you start to smell a foul skunk-like odor that is the male cat spray scent. Having your female cat spayed also prevents a list of health problems down the line.
I am going to share a true story with you. I'm a stay-at-home disabled woman so I got involved with a cat rescue organization and took in the babies so young they needed to be bottle feed every couple of hours. One year I took in three babies, Moe, Reba and Tali. Their eyes and ears were not open, they were that young yet Moe and Reba were very robust and healthy yet Tali was smaller and not doing well. One day while cleaning their bottoms I noticed it was not feces Tali was passing but tissue. A friend helped get us to the vet and the sad news come in. Moe and Reba were from one male cat but Tali's mom got pregnant from a different tomcat later on. Tali's insides were not fully formed and connected so, instead of poop, she was passing her inside tissue. Also, her kidneys were not fully formed so she could not pee. Tali should have still been in her mother's womb, giving her time to fully form. However, because Moe and Reba were from the earlier impregnation they were ready to be born and Tali slid out with them. She had no choice, she stood no chance. It has been 8 years now and as I write this I cry for Tali who suffered for the week she lived. The doctor injected pure barbiturates into her heart as the fastest and most non-painful way for her to die. My sweet little Tali, who was put into a lovely box with mementos from my friend and I lies buried at the base of a beautiful tree facing the river and facing East so the morning sun will always shine on her. Tali is just one of many stories but I will end my response by pleading with you to get your cat spayed. If not, I assure you that it is dark ugly and painful inside that Pandora's box. For the love of your cat get her spayed at her vets where they know her history and you know they keep things sterile. Please

thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for helping me out. I took her to the vet just in case and they too said she is in heat. Planing on getting her spayed soon. But not sure yet,since she is a house cat and i keep close eye on her from other male cats.
Thank you so much
much appriciated,lorisha

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