I'm reaady to lose my mind, my mama cat meows non-stop

by cynde
(grants pass or)

My mother cat who never meowed before she had kittens will not stop meowing, she has water, litter and food, she even expects 4 cans of food a day. There is food in the bowl, her kittens are 6 weeks old

Please help or I am going to have to get rid of her, this is too much for me I am disabled and am not to get stressed which is why I got her in the first place.

Answer by Kate
I now a constantly meowing cat can become very wearing very quickly. However there is no way I know of that can stop them quickly.

Often meowing is an attention seeking thing and is usally a learned behavior over time, i.e I meow then I get what I want.

However in this case it could be caused by either anxiety for her kittens or is her way of communicating with them. It is impossible to know.

If I were you I would take her to the vets first to see if she is healthy and that the meowing isn't caused because of ill health and second to see if the vet thinks that it may be anxiety and if there is something he can give her to help calm her down during these first weeks of being a mum.

I know it's hard but don't get angry with your cat, there is always a reason for their behaviours, we just have to figure out how best to handle them.

best wishes Kate

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by: Rachael

Why on earth didn't you get the poor cat spayed if you can't cope with the natural behaviours that come with animals? How can you just say you will "get rid" of her? Why get a pet if you can't cope with the responsibility? It really takes my breath away

"compassion" Not!
by: Anonymous

"Compassion" extends to both sides of a matter. I'm a pet lover, and after owning cats for only 2 years now and in love with mine. She's had her first litter and she is meowing or vocalizing constantly. Her mother did it with her and her litter mate and now her brother is meowing all the time trying to find an answer and some relief for this problem brought me to this page but the comment about compassion really offended me. To Mr. "Compassion", you sound like a very caring and compassionate person towards your pets but your concept of compassion is very imbalanced. The woman who asked the question has difficulties in her home and may have to decide to give up her pet because she is unable to properly care for it. Wouldn't it be better to find a suitable home for the cat? She did not say cruel or unjust things about her pet. She was simply asking for an answer. Why couldn't you just answer the question without condescending and antagonizing her? This is why so many people suffer in silence while trying to navigate a very stressful life. You should be ashamed of yourself, sir. All you did was make somebody feel horrible about their position. Self-righteous people suck and they make everybody else miserable. Learn a lesson, sir. I'm sure that you will get further in your quest to protect cats and communicate to those who care how to better care for them.

Cat miowing
by: Anonymous

My kittens are 3 weeks old and there mum has began miaowing all the time. , but the last thing I would do is get rid of her. She done it last time she had babies. So I think she is in heat so I'm going to get her done but you even say she used the shower as she doesn't Like her litter tray smelly . Why don't you change it. CATS hate dirty litter trays. WOULD YOU LIKE GOING IN A TOILET FULL OF POO

This is quite common in mama cats
by: Anonymous

It sounds as though she may be in heat again, it's usual around 5/6 weeks after giving birth that she's ready to mate again so she's probably calling for a mate and out of frustration. Might be an idea to book her into vets to be neutered. This will also ensure she has no more accidental litters
Good luck with it all I hope you resolve this soon as it can be really stressful

by: Adam

The initial poster should not have a pet. I'm shocked to read their initial post about giving up a new mother because she was meowing, and then saying her pet is stressing her out.

It's inexcusable, and I hope this cat has found a kinder, more compassionate home with someone who was prepared to be its guardian and caregiver.

I foster cats and new mothers with kittens. Mothers frequently vocalize for many reasons.My current foster also meows non-stop and attends to her kittens with vocalizations. Imagine what your cat thinks of you when you're on the phone or talking with other people. They might feel similarly stressed, especially given the circumstances the initial poster is in, it sounds like this cat is reacting to the temper and stressful energy that the owner is clearly experiencing.

Animals don't always do the things we like, because they are what they are—animals. They aren't here to always be amusing, and cute and cuddly, and provide for our emotional needs. In fact, the whole reason they are in our lives is because we agreed to take care of their needs the day we brought them home.

To think that a pet owner is so casually willing to throw all that aside and give this animal away is heartbreaking, but is extremely telling.

Our pets age, and their needs will increase. If her meowing is more than you are able to handle, you certainly will not be equipped to meet the needs of a senior pet.

Thank you Kate
by: Cynde

thank you for answering my question. I am beginning to wonder if she is ready to whelp the kittens and wants their food out and the cat box too because she knows how irate I get when she doesn't use her box; sometimes she wets in the shower if her box is stinking in any way. I don't like her using the tub but it is a h____ of a lot better than the alternatives (carpet, bed, etc). I am going to take her to the vet because it is time for her shots and my apartment manager demands proof she's had them.

Thanks again,

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