I'm really frightened for my kitten.

by Juli

My kitten came down with something suddenly. She was fine one day. Then I didn't see her eat at all two days ago. She wouldn't poop. She peed a little, but she mostly would lie there. Later that evening, she wouldn't move at all. When I would pick her up and stand her on her feet, she wouldn't move her front legs properly. She would leave them like I put them and then just fall on her head. (She was on a bed, so it wouldn't hurt her.) She wouldn't move her front legs at all. We gave her some milk, which at first she drank on her own, and then we fed her some through a syringe. Then we fed her water. She wouldn't eat at all. Yesterday it was the same thing. She wouldn't move, we had to give her liquids through a syringe. We also gave her a shot of penicillin, but she still wouldn't do anything. Today she at a tiny piece of tuna, pooped for the first time in two days, and drank some pedialite. I can't afford to take her to the vet right now. She had her first round of shots. She's breathing normally. We gave her another shot of penicillin today. She lifted her head up on her own, but she still can't stand up. When I asked for some advice from a vet, they said they'd run tests, but probably would just put her to sleep. I'm so desperate. I

love my kitten. She's only 11 weeks old. She tested negative for feline lukemia. I love her so much. I wouldn't know what to do if she died. Please help. Please. The picture was taken the day she got sick. It was early that morning when we were still asleep, but she was still acting like her normal self.

Answer from KAte
I am so sorry but i am not a vet and so cannot give you a diagnosis, in any case no one would be able to without seeing her and doing some tests.

i really don't know what sort of vets you have, I have never heard of one saying something like that. It really amazes me what some of them are like.

I wouldn't want to give any cat a shot of penicillin unless it was meant for the cat. You have no idea what affect it may have on a cats body.

All you can do is to keep her warm and comfortable. Make sure she does not dehydrate and try not to handle her at all. I'm hopeing this is just a bad case of cat flu


Sometimes kittens will react badly after they get their shots but this should wear off over a few days.

If she gets no better in another day or so if it were me i would take her to a different vets for a second opinion.

I really hope she is better soon

best wishes Kate

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Same symtoms
by: Anonymous

My daughters cat has the same symptoms! Took her to the vet. They gave an antibiotic and she is still just laying and does not use her front legs. Have to stand her up to try to eat. I feel so bad for her kitty.

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