Inadvertently an outside kitty

by Charms
(Withheld USA)

Kally since about 6 weeks of age, has been in our home. She's a calico, born with no tail. She has feral tendencies. She was not spayed or declawed. She's been in our home for about three years.

At times she would slip outside, but immediately "hunker down" awaiting to be picked up.

Last evening, a family member, looking for me, must have let her outside while I was out, and upon my return, thought she was just evading me versus being put up for the night.

This morning, she still gone,so I knew she is LOST. Searched the house, the back yard, the front yard, no success.

A female some three months ago, adopted our front yard, and us, as an outside kitty and blessed us with seven kittens August 13, 2009.

My surmise is LILLY the cat who has adopted us, ran off our KALLY...

Question is, will KALLY return to us? Or, what can we do to encourage Kally's return? She has NEVER been outside overnight since we got her as a rescue kitty, headed for euthenasea.


Answer by Kate
Hi please read my page here about what to do to try and find your cat , it gives advice on the things to do to help your cat return and also who to contact.

It is quite possible that once your cat has explored enough that she will return home, but a un spayed female cat is likely to be out looking for mates.

i hope you find your cat again soon

best wishes kate

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Kally is home JUST TODAY! Yea!?
by: Kally's "human" Grandmother

Thanks for posting my frantic plea....query...

She was inadvertenly allowed outside Friday evening, and JUST TODAY....Monday morning, the little stink allowed me to pick her up.

Sunday morning I had continued my calling for her, and did see the food left out had been eaten, and thought, just thought I heard her mew...but with outside sounds of wind, leaves rustling, cars passing by, and birds chirping, just wasn't sure, so continued to call...and walk off the patio into the dense wooded and vined back yard...and yes, heard her again respond to my voice, and YES! spied her.

Tried to "herd" her into the opened patio way, and did get my hands on her once, and she fought me so forcibly that I had to let her go.

Phoned my daughter to HELP....and even together, she would not cooperate with us. She adores my daughter and IS her cat.

So discouraged.... At least we KNEW she was alive and NOT run off.

Last night, I went out, and spotted her on the patio table, twice and each time she would not let me get her. I'd been putting food on that table.

THIS MORNING....I could see her even before I went outside....and she began mewing back to me when I spoke with her. She'd not touched the food I'd set out. WELL, a "fresh" and stinkie can of food got her attention... At first I'd touch her, and she's run off again, BUT....I positioned myself above her, and amazingly as she was eating some YUMMY beef chip canned cat food, I put both hands around the belly portion of her body, and having left the patio door open, did set her in... I was major shaking... ;-)

Once inside, she RAN to all her spots. We've had her about three years I think... I gave more food to her, she went to her "water bowls" and was thrilled to be inside.... I was surprised, because once before when my father let her out, she was CRYING at the door and MAD at me for a few days!

WELL, it wasn't 30 minutes after she was inside that I reached to touch her, and she GROWLED at me and HISSED at me! Now that's the REAL KALLY....HORRIBLE CAT.... Har! Found myself (kidding) telling her it wasn't too late to put her back outside!

The other two indoor cats were intrigued with odor from her backside, so...pregnant, well, time will tell...

She WAS very hungry, and drank LOTS of water.

She's already been told to GET OFF a glass cabinet, and swatted when she hissed at me....But....ALSO given MORE of that YUMMY beef canned food that brought her HOME.

THANKS FOR THIS SITE, and your response suggestions.

OH AND....apologies to the MOMMY KITTY who had no adverse part in this, and whose kittens are safe, also...

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