by Dave


I have an 8 year old American Shorthair. All of a sudden he is ravenously hungrey and has the worst smelling poo. Neither of which he used to have. He can not be satisfied, he always wants more! We did take him to the vet and they found nothing. The gave him a blood test (fine) and checked his poo for parasites (none). What is wrong with this animal? He is skinny but not too skinny ans has always been skinny. He always has been a very proud cat with a lot of attitude. HE is now annoying!


Answer by Kate
My advice is to take him back to the vets and discuss with them what tests they did on the blood. That way you can rule out things like thyroid, heart, cancer or diabetis issues. (not all blood tests test for all of these)

It sounds to me like he has an issue with absorbing nutrients from food etc. that would explain why he is always hungrey and and why he is loosing weight. It may also affect his feaces. There definately sounds like something is wrong and only extensive tests from the vet will be able to find out what is wroung.

My own cat had to go throgh some very extensive blood work to find out what was wrong with her a while ago. Unfortunately these extensive tests do cost more than normal blood work.

Unfortunately only a vet can help you diagnose this issue. I really hope your cats problem can be sorted out soon. I know how annoying this constant food crying is.

best wishes Kate


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may want to check for fungal infections also
by: Anonymous

specificly candida parapsilosis it wont show up in blood tests unless it spreads to blood which could take years can usualy be tested by culturing it on a swab through being able to find discharge from ears or other parts of body not sure if theres a lab that tests for it in cats but do know there is only like one or two labs that can test for this in humans in usa they say it is rare but its not so rare when u look it up n see all the people n animals that have tested positive for it including healthy people who shouldnt be able to get it

Follow Up
by: Dave

Wow! Thanks for responding Kate - that was fast! They did test for just about everything. One of his liver enzymes was a little high so he is going to go back on Friday for further testing. Since the majority of the blood work was already done it will only cost $30. I'll keep you posted on the situation so that maybe it might help others in the same boat. I think what you are doing is great. Keep it up!


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