independant cats?

i have two cats ones a kitten of 15 weeks and one is an almost adult of 1 year. they had their injections and so i allow them out if they like - but they dont ever want to go out. Is this normal? they just follow us around all the time and have never ventured further than 10 metres away from the house. I like this - but i wanted to see if it was because theyre still babies or if they choose not to stray are they unlikely to ever stray'? the 15 week old kitten is a male and 1 year old is a neutered female. It is the neutered female who im asking the question about more than the male as im aware he is very young so will want to stay close. The female however is the one who follows me around the most and just wants to be stroked all the time which i have been told is usually unusual for younger adult cats. Is this normal? i only want whats best for her. Is it ok that they dont like outside as much as inside? thank you

Answer by Kate
yes don't worry cats are very independant creatures and they pretty much make up their own minds as to what they want to do. Some cats can't wait to get out side while others are happy with a mich smaller territory. Of course it may be that they are still feeling a little insecure due to their young age and this may change as they get older.
Cats don't normally stary if they are happy with their home environement and have been neutered. Why would they? they are very smart animals and they are driven by their needs ie food, shalter , territory etc the last one more so if they are not neutered. Don't worry too much, just make sure you continue to give your cats their options, they will decide if they ant to go out or not.

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