by Barbara
(Weston, Florida)

I have a 10 month old male cat who has been indoors since the day he was born. He is very timid and why and is afraid of noises such as the hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, and the garage door. Unfortunately, he got out when the garage door was opened one week ago today. I think he panicked at the noise and ran out when he really wanted to run IN the house like he usually does.

My question is...what are the odds of him coming back? I know cats are extremely smart and have great instincts....but I'm out of ideas. I've posted flyers, talked to neighbors, call his name every day & nite, sprinkled cat nip and litter in the yard, put out food and half-open tuna cans, have set up 3 different humane traps that are collecting everyone but him. I can only imagine that he's still too scared to wander wherever it is that he bunkered down to. I don't believe that he would just go to anyone because he doesn't have that personality, he's very attached to our family and HIS MOMMY....who sits in the door crying day and nite for him to come home. It's breaking my heart to the point that I even let her out to find him. So far, she hasn't wandered past the pool patio and comes back. Both mommy and the little man are fixed so I do have that piece of mind.

I just want him home with his family and his mommy. It has been one LONG WEEK, and to make things worse....we are in the process of moving
about 20 minutes away so time is NOT on our side. I'm afraid we are not going to get him back in time. I hope someone out there has some tips or me to try as I've pretty much run out of new things to try. Each day that goes by is harder to bear and the moving date gets closer. Please help!!!

Answer by Kate
It is not unusual for cats to disappera for weeks before they get home. It may simply be that instinct has kicked in and he is out there exploring his new world.

the other opton is that someone has taken him in somewhere or he has got locked in somewhere.

It sounds to me like you are doing most of the things you can. All I can suggest is that you take a look at my page about missing cats and the things you can try. Here is the page

Dont give up hoe yet, keep searching etc and if he is able to get abck to you he will. My sister lost her cat 2 days after getting him. He didnt know her very well or the area but he sill fund his way home two weeks later.

Sometimes even the most timid of cats can surprise us with their resourcefulness etc. Keep speaking to people, contact local animal shelters and keep putting signs up as well as calling him every day and leaving his food and something which smells of him or you outside as this can help them find their way home.

I hope you find him soon

best wishes Kate

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