indoor cat/kittens adapting to outdoors?

by sue
(new orleans)

A week b-4 mothers day I found a pregnant starving feral cat. She gave birth on mothers day to 3 female kittens that have been living inside my garage ever since.I also have 3 dogs that only go outside in my backyard to do their business. my husband (who is allergic to cats) wants his garage back now, so my only alternative is to adapt them to outside cats. (fate at the animal shelter is not good) I spayed momma weeks ago and kittens go this week. My question is what is the best way to do this? They freak out and hide when I just open the garage door for a minute. They are also very sweet lovable cats and I fear will not know how to stay safe outside. my plan is to install a kitty door to my back garage door but will they know how to use it? I will keep their food, water & litter boxes in the garage just as they are now, and perhaps keep my garage door up during the day. I am hoping they will stay in the garage at night. My neighbors are very cat friendly and approve this idea . i also live next to a parklike schoolyard. Is there anything else I should do? I have become attached to them and I now worry that they will get lost and not know how to get home.

Answer by Kate
What to answer first.

Firstly can I just say that it is a misunderstanding of the alllergic reaction some people say that have to cats. It is not the cat themselves but the salvia that gets on there fur when they wash (i know that wasn't your question I thought I would just mention it.)

Any way as for your worries about the kittens going outside. firstly can I say how great you are for getting them all spayed and for providing a warm place for them if they wish at night in your garage (just a side note make sure nothing gets spilled and left on the garage floor like antifreeze etc as for some strwange reason cats will lap this up and it will kill them)

I would say that you are doing every thing right vfor them. Simply leave the door open for them to wander out and if you spend some time with them out in the garden every day they will build there confidence . they will also learn a lot from there mother.

If they really are too nervous carry them out in your arms and walk around outside for the first few days or you could even try leash training them at first see here for more info

Try not to worry too much, cats are very quick learners and will adapt to new situationms quickly.

best wishes and a happy new year Kate

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