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My 5-year-old female cat wheezes and makes quite a bit of noise when she breathes. She's never done this before and it happens a lot when she's curled up, laying, or sleeping. I had an older cat before her with the same problem and he was fixed. Since he was indoor he gained a bit of weight, so I think that might be it.

Now that my girl is fixed and gained some weight, she's doing it. I've put her on weight control cat food and it's helped a little with the weight... Could there be another problem?

For about a year she was sneezing quite a bit until I discovered that she could possibly be allergic to dust or the dust that comes off of her cat litter. I've switched to scoop-able cat litter and that's stopped completely.

Answer by Kate
Hi yes weight can cuase cats to sort of snore or wheeze a bit when they are asleep. So trying to reduce her weight is a good option.

You do not mention if the wheezing is recent of not. If it is it could simply be a cold. My own 6 month old kitten has a bit of a chill at the moment too.

the other option is that as your cat has suffered from an allergic reaction to something in the past that she may be one of those cats who are allergic or become allrgic to all sorts of different things during their life.

the only way you can try to definitely find out if it is a cold or allergy of if her weight is affecting her breathing is to get a vet to take a look at her and get a proper diagnosis.

best wishes kate

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my cat snored too
by: Anonymous

my cat used to sort of snore when she was sleeping. However because I have a breathing problem, I purchased a room purifier for my bedroom and also a large one for the living room. Since using the air purifiers, my cat does not snore anymore.

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