Insane Cat - An IItchy problem ???

My cats, Ting Ting and Keeley were both sleeping with me on my bed one night. i should mention, that Ting Ting recently had surgery because when she was spayed, she bit open her stitches and they had to sew her back up. anyway, the vet also put a stretchy t-shirt on her (somewhat like a strait jacket) and a cone around her head so that she would be unable to perform the act of licking her stitches again. however, as we were sleeping, she startled me awake by abruptly bolting off the bed in what looked like an insane rhino charge. she didn't even jump off the bed-she just ran right off the edge and when i turned on the light, her stretchy t-shirt had come off somehow. it had no bite marks and yet it somehow came right off. i have no idea how she managed to get it off-there is no way she could've pulled it over her head with that cone in the way. also, she had it on when she was on the bed, but as soon as she bolted, it was off. when i put her back in the same spot on my bed about 20 minutes later, she freaked out and bolted again. it scared the crap out of me. i know that there is probably no explanation as to how my houdini cat manage to wiggle out of her stretchy t-shirt, but my question is why did she suddenly bolt for no reason? what caused that behaviour? she's normally very sweet tempered and calm.

Answer by Kate
This sounds to me like an itchy problem. ie when my cat gets an "sudden itch" she gous really weird, she bolts around the room, at break neck speed and jumps from furniture to furniture, sometimes even people to people. It sacred the **** out of me too. Luckily it is rare.

the T short was probably making your vats body extra warm and that can cause itchiness and if the itch is bad enough then this is when this strange behavior occurs. the added warmth of the bed probably made it even worse.

lets hope she doesn't have to have the t shirt on for long.

best wishes and A Happy New Year

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