Inside or Outside Cat

by Lauren

this is him and me when i first got him.

this is him and me when i first got him.

My kitten is 18 weeks old, he sometimes gets into moods where he bites everyone and growls for no apparent reason. We took him to the vet and they advised me not to let him out until he is neutered as it will calm him more and there will be less chance of him running away if i do let him out, but i have looked on the internet and they all say to let him out if he behaves like this. I just can't cope with him anymore what should i do? let him out or wait until he i neutered?

Answer by Kate
My two boy kittens were neutered at 4 months old, so your kitten could be neutered any time soon. i would book him in now for the earliest appointment. Some vets like to wait longer, i don't know why my two are healthy and happy and are the friendliest of cats. perhaps phone around and see if different vets will neuter him now.

if you let him out now yes there is a possibility that he will get into a fight or course there is but i am a definite advocate of letting cats run a natural life as an inside / outside cat once they have got all there vaccinations etc.

So it is entirely up to you at the end of the day. if you can have him neutered soon then that will be the best option then he can go out without the risk of getting into too many territory fight and mating fights. however even neutered cats will fight occasionally.

best wishes kate

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reply to your answer
by: Lauren

Thanks, i went to my vet again and they said they could do it earlier if i like (in 2 weeks), they said the same thing as you, its my dicision. So, I let him out, now he's tired all the time and is really cudlly and friendly. He's actually lying on my lap as we speak he has never done that before. Thanks loads :)

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