Introducing a 3month old male kitten to my 6month old male kitten

by heather
(cliffside park nj)


I just brought home an adorable sweet 3 month old (male) kitten. I already have a 6 month old (male) kitten and am having trouble with them getting along. They dont hiss or growl at each other but the older one will pounce on the little one and bite and squeeze him. I think it starts out as playing but he does get aggressive... and the baby is so small im afraid he will hurt him so I break it up asap. I've heard from some ppl that you should just let them duke it out but i can't watch them fight, its too hard. The kitten is so sweet and NEVER starts the fights. He generaly leaves the other one alone. I should also mention that neither of them are neutered. Im thinking this may have something to do with it as well. Do you have any tips for me to help them get along?

Answer by KAte

I know exactly what you are going through i have two kittens at the moment and they roll around the floor biting and kicking each other like mad and yes it can look rather aggressive. but it really isn't. Its all part of the growing up process and theya re play fighting which is important for development. you should really let them have their game, you will know if things get too rough as they will cry out or you will notice little wounds. But this is unlikely.

i would suggest that you talk to your vet about when you should book your 6 month old in for neutering, at his age his male hormones will start to kick in and this can cause aggression problems sometimes.

It sounds to me like the two kittens are adjusting to each other just fine. Cats who fight generally don't ponce on each other and roll around, it's more growling and hissing and swiping etc.

best wishes kate

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