Introducing a new cat to family please help!

by Mark

I am quite torn on what to do. I have a 1.5 year old female at home and brought home my new male. At first she was terrified hid under the bed hissed and was angry for the first few days. I kept them separated for 3 days until she calmed down and was use to his new scent. I also switched rooms putting new cat where old cat was and old cat where the new cat was.

Once the female wasn't so scared i put up the baby gates so they could see each other. Both were very interested and she was no longer hissing or hiding. Finally i let them into the same area and all was fine a little hissing but no fighting. Now the male cat seems to stalk her and chase her whenever she moves. I feel like the new male is keeping her from us and every time she turns her back to him to walk away or if she goes to jump on the couch he will jump at her and chase her?? WHAT do I do ? Is this normal or is the male cat trying to scare away our female Please help

You have not said if both cats are neutered or not as this would be an issue. If they are no, then both should be neutered as this will reduce tension etc.

If they are then it sounds to me like a case of either the male is playing with her (if he is much younger then this could be the case) or it is to do with dominance ie who is top cat in the house. If this is the case then once the cats have decided their social place then things should calm down.

At the end of the day your female cat will decide for herself whether or not she is going to stand up to him or not, there is not much you can do about it. This is normal cat behaviour.


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