Introducing a new cat

by Sharon
(Leesburg, VA, USA)


A couple of months ago a stray kitty showed up at my home. I was letting my dogs out to run it off from stalking the birds at the feeders until I noticed that it was living in my shed and was actually STARVING! I was horrified when I saw the poor baby up close. That's when I brought out a bowl of food and she ate without taking a breath for 5 minutes! She's now a new member of the family and very precious. She doesn't dare go outside, and is most content to stay indoors.
The problem I'm experiencing is with my other 2 cats who are sisters. They're 10 years old and I've had them since babies (they were abandoned and abused). The 3 cats are doing better then at first, but we still have chase fights and stakes for territory it seems. I pick up and love on my orignal 2 kitties, and one of them will now sleep in bed with me again, along with the new cat. They don't want to be close though, and they'll tolerate being in the same bed as long as they're at opposite sides! My other cat just steers clear and stays off to herself more and I feel bad about that. What can I do to help them accept one another better? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Leesburg, VA

Answer by Kate siteowner
Hi it sounds as if your cats have found their own way of accepting each other. It can be very difficult if not impossible sometimes for a new cat to come into a home with other much older well established cats. Make sure your spread the new cats scent around the house using a towel etc but apart from that they will find their own space and level of exceptance, it sounds as if they are all still happy.

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by: Anonymous

What you are doing by rescueing these guys is great! Sometimes kitties take a long time to adjust. I brought in a stray and a feral(differant times) After a couple of months they accepted the the feral took almost 6 months but they are getting used to her too. good luck.....things should work out in the long run.
p.s. sometimes the kitties play time can sound like fighting but in watching kittens a know it't how they rough house.

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