Introducing a new female kitten to an adult male Cat

by Sam
(Karachi, Pakistan)

I have an adult Persian Round face Male Cat (1 year Old)

Now I am planing to buy a Persian Punch face female kitten (1.5 month old)

Reason to buy a kitten is they easily adjust themselves to new home.

I did read about Introducing new cat to your old one however I am confused because of age difference between my new kitten and my cat.

In this situation how to introduce both pets to each other. I have a small house and my cat don't like any doors close or she gets curious therefore I can not follow all your instruction given on this topic at your website.

Please kindly guide me the best way to manage this.

Answer by Kate
hi Sam
it does not matter what the ages of the cats are the introduction process is always the same. the whole purpose if the process is to allow the cats to come in contact with each other without fear of a fight etc. this helps to build there confidence in each other before they are allowed to have free roam and to come into contact with each other normally.

I am afraid that the confinement period is the only way to build this confidence in the cats, there are no short cuts as it does take some time for the cats to adjust to the new home, smells and each other. if they are just left to themselves then fights are inevitable and this could affect their long term relationship with each other as they may always be a little afraid of the other cat.

if at all possible please try to follow the process described on my page even if it is for only a few days.

best wishes kate

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Male cat never seen female
by: Anonymous

My male cat is1 and I will be getting a female kitten jst the problem is my cat never has he ever seen a female cat or kitten he seen a male kitten is there a different of reaction?

Problem is still there
by: Sam

I followed the instructions and they are well together however the female kitten do not like my old cat (male) to be near her smelling her butts, therefore she sometimes become aggressive which in result provokes my old cat to grab the kitten between his front paws and try to bite at her neck. This is too risky

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