Introducing my cat to a new home and a dog - help please!

by Katrin
(Catskill, NY)



Dear Kate,

I have a cat (Tasha) that we rescued 8 years ago and she has never liked other animals. Whenever another cat or dog approached our yard or at the vet's office, she puffs up and scratches and defends herself (she gets mean). She nearly did major damage to my sister's little dog at a family gathering in our apartment :( I realize her behavior is out of fear.

Now...I have just moved into my long time partner's home and his son has a Jack Russell Terrier. The house is big enough to keep the animals separated BUT I would love Tasha (cat) to learn to like Annie (dog). The Jack Russell is a sweet little dog but very high energy (JRT).

Whatever advice you can give regarding their introduction would be most helpful. So far Tasha (cat) has been here at the house for 3 days and we have done our best to keep them apart, letting Tasha feel safe in her new home. I can tell she knows a dog lives here as she won't go into the kitchen where Annie eats and peers out from hiding places when Annie is in the house, downstairs. Ideally, they will get along but I'm afraid of what may happen. Any tips or techniques?

THANK YOU very much!!!!

well there as you know no guarantees that your cat and dog will ever be friends, but lets hope that a pleasant middle ground can be found.
the best way to introduce animals to each other is using a method where both animals can feel safe and won't be in danger of harm.
The introduction method I describe on my web site is the best way to do this, it can take a little while but is worth the effort in the long run as it helps to build confidence in both animals.

here is my web page

Hope things work out

best wishes kate

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