Is it because my cat is fat?

by Katie

my cat in the sink

my cat in the sink

My cat Scummy (perfect name, especially right now..) is chubby. He's a year old and 15lbs but recently his anal glands have been leaking and I've noticed his butt is disgusting looking. He hasn't "leaked" in a while so we're holding off on the vet until he does it again. I was just wondering if this could be caused by his weight. His food hasn't changed since he stopped eating kitten food.

Well a cats weight can have an effect on how their bodies function and so yes it is possible that his weight is playing a part in his conditions.

However blocked anal glands are fairly common in some cats who are prone to it for one reason r another and this can happen regardless of a cats weight. Male cats suffer more with blocked anal glands and it can be rather painful and distressing for the ct when this happens.

I don’t know what your vet has said in the past about his blocked glands and whether he has given you any indication of the possible cause of them. You need to speak to your vet about any measures you can take to try and prevent this from reoccurring in the future.
Making sure that crystals do not build up in the cats bladder is also important and so making sure your cat drinks plenty of water every day is also important. Feeding some dry food as well as wet food can help encourage a cat to drink to more.

Also you may want to talk to your vet about your cats weight to see if could be any medical reason for his weight gain.

Hope he is better soon

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