Is it possible that spaying can fail? and what else can we do?!

by Amy
(West Yorkshire ENGLAND.)

For the best part of a year now my grandmother has been struggling with a semi feral cat (was a housecat but was abandoned) which gave birth to 3 kittens. Literally since the kittens have been born we've been bumped from rescue organisation to organisation, trying to find someone to help us get them neutered, and eventually find a new home for them. We managed to get aid from cats protection at least to get them neutered, on the basis that we caught them and took them to a vets. We managed to get the mother and 2 of the kittens fixed. One we couldnt catch. After months of getting nowhere, a man from a self run centre came and trapped her, and took her to the vets for us, we then found out that she had recently given birth. A complete fiasco ensued as well as the apearence of 5 kittens, 2 dead, 3 live who we have managed to rehome...while still trying to find someone willing to relocate the remaining original mother and 3 cats, we thought at least that was all we had to worry about. One of the cats has since appeared with 2 kittens, the vets only advice was that perhaps she'd adopted them from somewhere but being only just a year old(ish), and without previous litters, would her maternal instinct be that strong? ANY AND ALL ADVICE IS APPRECIATED AS TO HOW THESE KITTENS HAVE ARRIVED, AND ANY ORGANISATIONS YOU COULD RECCOMEND TO HELP US?

Answer by Kate
no once a cat is spayed it is impossible for her to get pregnant again. Having said that some cats are particularly maternal and will adopted other kittens if need be, so this may be the case here.

i am amazed that you have found it so hard to find help here in the Uk. I have dealt with cat shelters for many years and always found them to be most helpful.

Unfortunately you are reliant on what is available in your area. There is always the RSPCA and the Blue cross who I find to be very helpful.

I am sorry you have had so much trouble finding help but thank goodness that you are the sort of person who is at least willing to try and help. Sadly the lack of people caring is why so many unwanted kittens are born in the first place. i hope you can find some help soon.

best wishes Kate

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