Is kitty capone mad at us?

by Lorie
(Happy Adventure, NL, Canada)

Kitty Capone

Kitty Capone


Thanks for your time.
My cat will be 2 at the end of December. (he is not yet fixed)
Recently (as in the last 6-8 weeks) my cat has started peeing on the floor or in plastic bags. normally if a plastic bag is aval, he will go there no matter what is in the bag! WE elemenated plastic bags, no he chooses the floor.
We have currently been very busy and haven't been home much, but we don't leave him alone for more than 30min- hour at a time, if we are gone for a long period of time, we usually get a "sitter".
He associates me as mom, and my husband as dad.
He has a problem being alone, but thats normally at night.
This morning he came to "tell" me what he did. (which is not normal)
His litter is always clean, and he is slightly spoiled...
So is he mad at us if we are gone and acting out due to this?
Thanks for your time...

Answer by KAte
No he is not mad at you or punishing you at all. cats dont behave this way. Instead it is all about making himself feel better. ie if he is feeling neglected or lonely then he may be a little anxious and peeing on things in the home is a way to make the home smell of him which in turn is comforting to him. However if you say you only leave him for very short periods of time I think this is more likely to be in relation to him being a un neutered Tom cat.

Spraying urinating is a strong territory marker and used a lot more by un neutered toms, so i really do feel that it is instinct kicking in. having him neutered will make him a more more contented cat, less frustrated and less likely to this sort of behavior. there are also health benefits too.

I have some information here which you may find of further interest about neutering.

best wishes Kate

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