is my cat a turkish van or angora?

by angie
(missouri, united states)



My husband brought home a stray kitten, we call her Calypso, and it looks to me an aweful lot like a turkish van. I'm fully aware of the low probability of this but I just watched something on animal planet about a family who found a stray havanna brown (an equally rare breed). Is there an expert out there who can tell me what breed(s)this adorable domestic long-hair has in her? Her eyes are gold-green if that helps.

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Turkish Van
by: Lorraine

She sure is a Turkish Van.

Our cat
by: Toronto

Looks like our cat would have when she was a kitten. She appeared at our back door late one night. I was doing a raccoon check on my bird feeders and there she was. I opened the patio door and in she walked like she owned the place. A house with 2 resident black cats already.
Turns out she was wondering the neighborhood for 3 weeks with a broken jaw ;(. Then soon after she almost died from our high fat diet we gave her to fatten her up. The vet thought she had pancreatitis from not eating for 3 weeks.
She’s a very sweet loving cat, she did have to have all her teeth out 2 yrs back as they kept getting inflamed and she was 10000% better a few days later.

She’s had a tough road but picked the right house to knock on for help. Never had such a sweet beautiful cat like her.

I'm thinking a van
by: Anonymous

She looks a lot like my 10 mo kitten I've been trying to figure out whether she is a van or an angora and I'm leaning towards van.

Did you find our?
by: Anonymous

I fostered, then adopted a stray who now looks just like your kitty. Did you pin point exactly what breed she is? I wonder about our little Ginger!

Scarlet is the same kind.
by: Anonymous

I have found picture of turkish van calico and angora that look like her mom and her. She is long haired and looks a lot like your kitten, and her mom was short hair. Daddy was long hair from what my husband said he was a angora. I would like to know this as well she may be mix but it she is mix with particular breeds. Her feature are distinctive.

Turkish Calico
by: K Gypsy

I know it isn't a certified cat breed, but it looks to me as a hybrid, a mix between a Turkish Van and a Calico.

Turkish Van!
by: Caity

Your cat looks an awful lot like a Turkish Van. I found my cat at a pet store for free when she was a kitten because she was part of an unwanted litter. I just realized after doing some research that she has to be a Turkish Van or at least a major part Turkish Van. There is also another stray cat that hangs out around where I work that looks just like her and just like a Turkish Van (maybe her dad??)so they can't be THAT rare. Does she like water? My cat loves to splash around in her water bowl and I never knew why until now! We can hardly get the bowl down before she splashes it all over herself.

Turkish angora kitten
by: Anonymous

Hi I Gave Away 4 Turkish Angora Kittens Last Year This Looks Just Like One Of The Females, I Live In Northeast AR.If your cat is appox.1 year and 6 months at this time it could be one of the females we gave away. We Still Have The Sister. I Can Email Photos If You Would Like To Compare.Email me at Thanks Rachel

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