Is my cat feeling alright?

by Chris Young
(Alaska, Anc)

I have a 10 year or 11 year old Outdoor cat name Simba,We let him out last night hoping he come home righy alway but he was gone the whole night, When I woke up My mother called me to check if hes came in yet I said no, So a minuta later He comes, I was happy to know he was home but he was acting really werid, as if he wasnt our cat, He had a bloody tail cause I when to pet his tail and I got blood all over my hand, washed it off and took care of him for a while and try to get a family memeber home who knows what their doing, But he acts werid now like he doesnt reallly run from people, He doesnt wanna play his ball, but Im guessing thats kind of a stupid thing to say cause all this just happen like 2o minutas ago and hes just scared I bet.

But what else makes me think this is werid is my Dog, who lived in the same our all her life is alway bugging him and smelling him and the others aright him, Thats pretty normal for a dog to smell things around them,
So Im just worry and I dont know what to do so Im here asking whats going on with my cat until a family member of my household who knows what to do is home

Answer from KAte
Dont worry, what has happened is that your cat has had a very exciting and perhaps a little scary experience over night and this has made his behavior a little different. He has had his tail bitten by the sounds of it. keep an eye on this and see if it swells up or not. If it does he will need to go to the vets to have some antibiotics.

this has happened to my cats on several occasions and i have noticed that their behavior changes for a week or so until they get over their experience.

best wishes kate

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My cat is better
by: Chris

Thank you for the Information Simba seems to be better now, We still let him out and everything is alright so far, I was just afraid cause this never really happen to him after theses 10 years of having him, He normally just goes out side and does his bathroom needs or just roams around out side in the Streets, I had her him fight with other cats before but never saw any Cuts or bites, and he had his Front Claws taken out as a kitten, This was not based uppon me, we got him like when he was a year so his Old owners did all that stuff to him, So thank you for the Info you gave me on him I will keep checking out the stuff on this site, its really useful and gives good Information

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