is my cat going to die?

by Matt
(Odessa, TX)

Whats wrong with my cat? My cat is 6 yrs old, a couple of days ago she got sick, her symptoms: her right eye is gooey, swollen closed, reddish color, kinda like pink eye. She is losing weight not super fast but fast enough to worry me. Her coat is usarally shiny and pretty but now its like she is losing color and life. Shes life-less, she has the shits and she dont clean herself so needless to say on her butt she is dirty, (if you know what i mean). She has lost her appitite, she wouldnt eat for the past 2 days, i gave her some wet food and she ate part of it. She probally more than likley be dehydrated. Im worried about her I understand she is getting old and going to die sooner or later, hopefully with your help it will be later instead of sooner. Please help me with my cat 6 yrs together is a long time and I would like as many more yrs with her that i can get so HELP ME HELP HER PLEASE!!.

Answer by KAte
6 years old is not old at all for a cat. My cat died last year and she was 17.

Please do not delay, take your cat to the vets as soon as possible. Dehydration itself can kill so the sooner she is seen by a vet and treated the better.

Going to the vets is your only option if you want to fight for this cats life. Hopefully it is something that can be easily treated but there is no way of knowing without an examination, there are so many possibilities that could be wrong that trying to guess is only harming her.

I hope she is Ok again soon

best wishes Kate

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by: cheryl

please bring your kitty to the vets that would be the best thing to do. And GOOD LUCK KEEP IN TOUCH

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