is my cat ill?

My cat lately has lost weight. He has also for the first time ever peed on my floor. He did it right next to wear i was sitting. Do you think he is sick? we got a new puppy four months ago, but they play together and he still gets just as much attention as he used to, do you think he did it out of defiance or might he be sick since hes also losing weight?

Answer by Kate
Hi. firstly can i say that cats never urinate etc outside of their litter box to be naughty etc. There is always a reason i.e. ill health or stress.

In this case because of the loss in weight I would definitely recommend that you have him checked by a vet. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Hopefully all is well and the behaviour could be caused by the changes in the home with the arrival of the dog. even though they get on it may still be causing your cat some stresses and urination like this is often a sign or them trying to make their home smell more like them which helps to calm them down.

See the vet first to rule out any ill health.

I hope all is well best wishes

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