Is my Cat lonely ?

by Aileen

We have a very loving tabby - she rules the roost - a real little hunter too. We often think that she should have a friend but not sure if thats what she needs .? We live in a small house but she has access to very large gardens next door. I'm worried that if we did get a kitten that she may not like it or worse feel second best and dissapear ?

We do like to go away some weekends and the neighbour pops in to feed her, I would feel ahppier knowing she was not on her own al the time - not sure what their concept of time is ..?? Should we be getting her a friend ?
thanks - love the website - its so informative Regards

Answer from Kate
It is a common mistake cat owners make thinking that their cat needs another cat companion and it can often lead to fights and a unhappy home life.

Cats are naturally lone animals and are not like dogs who live in packs in the wild. The only time cats are happy to live with another cat is if they were brought up with a sibling from birth or have always lived with other animals. Even then just lie us humans they may not get along with a new cat in the home.

What cats do need is a stimulating environment ie toys and access to the outside world where they can carry out all their cat instincts like hunting and climbing etc.

I have a web page which you may find of further interest, its about how to keep an inside cat happy but it would also apply to a cat who does also have access outside. here is the page

best wishes kate

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