Is my cat lonely, should I get another cat?

by Sandy

I have a 9 month old very sweet male seal point siamese. I feel badly that I am gone so many hours at work each day. Would it be better to get another kitten for him for company or am I overthinking it?

Answer by Kate
Cats don't need the company of other cats as they are naturally animals who live alone and are not pack animals like dogs.

some cats who have been brought up with another cat from when they are very small will happily live with another cat on most occasions but generally if they are not used to another cat being around then there are no guarantees that they will get on at all.

If you cat is an inside cat and you are gone all day then it is important that you make their home environment as stimulating for them as possible. i have a page here on the site which you may find helpful

best wishes Kate

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Siamese Love Company
by: BreakfastCat

Hi there...

First up - Kate, I love your page and I hope you don't mind me responding!!

Siamese are very different to other cats. The perception of them is that they can be highly strung (and sometimes they are) but generally they are very very sociable cats. If you sit still they want to be on you; they'll 'talk' to you!

We have had Siamese cats for ages and ages. Our friends are breeders and we fell in love with them when we met their cats. Until recently we have just had one male blue point (called Breakfast) but we've just got another Siamese/Oriental kitten. We had the same issue with Breakfast...we were out a lot and at night he would miaow relentlessly if we tried to kick him out of the bedroom. Now, we've got the kitten and they are the best of friends. Siamese are very happy being in pairs. They sleep together, play together, groom together, eat together. It has solved all our worries about Breakfast getting lonely and it means that we can now sleep without a kitty treading over our faces all night!

It took a couple of days for them to decide who was the dominant cat but there was never any fur flying! Just a bit of hissing and walking around one another.

If you have a siamese, I would definitely recommend getting him a mate but make sure you follow the proper guidelines for introducing new kitties. They need to both feel safe.

Hope that helps.

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