Is my cat ok?

by Lynn
(New Jersey)

My cat rubbed against me and when his butt rubbed my arm, I felt something wet. I looked at his rear-end and noticed what appeared to be a pink, fleshy, tiny tube shaped thing(it was not his penis, it was more towards his anal region). I used some paper towel and warm water to wipe his anal area where it was, and I noticed that there was a transfer of what appeared to be blood. The blood looked like it was right above his scrotum, but not coming from the anus itself. I wiped the area down some more, and I haven't seen anymore blood or the tube-like thing again, but I'm still a bit worried about him. He didn't seem to be in any pain when I wiped the area, didn't meow or anything. And other than that, he's been his normal self, playing, affectionate, eating and drinking normal. I am just wondering what that could have possibly been. Is it possible that it was something like a hemmorroid? Or maybe a cut from when he was cleaning himself? Can anybody offer me some advice on this situation? I am already contemplating taking him to the vet, but if it is something not to worry about, I'd rather not(he's not easy to get in that cat carrier!)

Answer by KAte
well yes it could well be a hemorrhoid or polyp and if it were me i would want to have it checked out anyway by a vet just to be on the safe side. Cats can hide their discomfort very well and so it would be worth having checked out just in case it is causing him some discomfort.

Hope he is ok again soon

best wishes Kate

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