Is my cat okay or do I need to go to vets?

by Casey

I am a big cat lover and my cat Milo, that I have had since he was a kitten, is about 9 months old just got neutered the day after we got our puppy. He had a rough time at the vet. They said he attacked some of their workers, and he was very mad when I went to pick him up. I feel bad because the only day we could get him fixed was the day of a wedding rehearsal. We had to leave him there an extra 2 hours and after take him to my mothers house until it was over. Now that it has been almost a week after he is acting very sick, shy, mad, lethargic, and it looks like he is losing weight. He was usually very active and happy but now he only gets up when he has to. I try to give him as much love and attention, if not more, than before. He acts like he is in pain when I try to pick him up to take him to our bed. He doesn't even purr anymore or enjoy me petting him. His attitude has completely changed and I'm worried. Is he just jealous of our new puppy, or is he still in unnecessary pain? What should I do? :(

Answer by Kate
Hi My advice would be to take him back to the vets to have him checked over. It may be that he has picked up an infection from the operation. It is better to be safe than sorry and if you feel that he is displaying signs of being in pain then this is your best option.

Cats get over going to the vets in a few days and although anesthetic can take a few days to wear off he should not be in pain.

Even though he doesn't like the vets it is the best option in case there is some complication after the operation.
Once he gets home place him in a quiet room with his bed and toys and some water and let him settle for a few hours to help him calm down.

best wishes Kate

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by: Casey

So sorry it took me so long to reply. I havnt checked this site in a while. But he had just gotten a new puppy and she loved Milo! Every time divot (our puppy) got a chance to pounce she would. The only thing I could think of that might have hurt Milo was divots front claws when she jumped on him. Milo would back up and swat at her. But the hole healed in about a week. Just a lot of drainage.
I hope I helped and it's not to late.

same thing here!
by: Andrew

Did you ever find out what caused the hole? My male cat was just neutered like 10 days ago. About 3-4 days ago he started licking that area a lot. When I got home from work today I found a little blood on our carpet and saw a dime sized hole in his stomach right near his penis. Do you think this was because he was licking it too much or did he bite himself?

Let me know if you ever found out a cause!


Hole in his stomach?
by: Casey

Well I found out what was wrong. He was licking himself all night and when I woke up I found a hole in his lower stomach the size of a dime. There's no stitches there just a bloody hole. I've made an appointment for the vet tomorrow :(. Thank you so much for your answer and time.

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