Is my cat okay?

my cat came home from the vet almost a week ago and he's been crying out over a lot of things. when we play with his toys he sits and cries, then might bat at it. or just when we walk by him he cries up at us. we have been paying almost non-stop attention to him but he still cries... what's wrong?

Amswer by Kate
this is difficult to answer as his behavior sounds normal to me. My own cat will have periods where jutsis more vocal than at other times. theres usually nothing wrong its just that she might be feeling like she wants more compnay than usual.
CAt meowing is usued to get your attention as cats realise that is how we communicate with each other so they use it back on us.
I would say that he isprpbably still feeling a little upset by his vet trip and surgery and is probably just seeking extra reassurance. Just keep doing what you are doing and as long as you are sure that he is not in pain ande is eaing ok then i wouldn't worry too much.

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