is my cat pregnant ???

by Rayna

my 6 month old cat will not let us hold her for less than like 5 sec.also she will not let us touch her stomach.she is going into small place and she will only sleep a littel bit. she will eat a lot and drink a lot we think the people that had her before us let them mate because of what she is saying my granma has 8 cats and says she is pregnant but she is not getting any bigger yet? so is she pregnant? please help me????

Answer by Kate
well it is impossible to tell if a cat is pregnant until the last few weeks of her pregnancy. A vet may be able to do tests earlier.

As for not letting you pick her up or touch her stomach this just sounds like she is a kitten who has not had a lot of human contact in her life up till now and so she is just not used to it. cats who are not socialized properly during the first 7 weeks of their life may never be totally comfortable with humans picking them up etc.

Also as for eating a lot this may be caused by anxiety i.e before you had her she may not have had access to food often or easily or had to fight for it with other animals, i don't know what background she came from but it could be that she is eating a lot because she thinks she won't get any more and is taking advantage of what she gets. It is important that she is only fed the right amount of food for her age and kitten food too as this is best for her nutritionally. Measure out her daily allowance of food, should say on product how much and then give her lots of small meals throughout the day until all the food is gone and then give her no more until the next day. She will soon learn the new routine.

I do have lots of pages here on the site which you may find helpful to get you started here is the page about cat pregnancy which you may find of further help

best wishes kate

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