Is my cat pregnant.

I have a feral cat that has moved in my barn. This past Jan 1, she bred with a male. I thought she was pregnant, but wasn't. She bred again Feb 4th. Again, nothing. Her sides got bigger, and her nipples got a little bigger and kinda pink. I brought her in to have the kittens, and nothing. As she isn't litter trained, I let her back out after a couple of days. Then on April 4-10th, she again bred, several times a day. I had an appt to have her spayed yesterday, but she was bumped for a full paying customer. I can't get her in again for another 2 wks. At that point, I want to let her have the kittens and keep them. If she isn't expecting, then I want her spayed. The spay group will only spay, not xray or ultrasound to see if she is. Is there a place I could see what the nipples look like in an female cat that has never been pregnant and one that is pregnant. Everyone says the pink up. This time, the area at the base of the nipples is a little pink. The nipples themselves and kinda pink, but the very tips are still kinda pale. I know this is a stupid question, but I don't know what else to do. My reg vet doesn't work on wild, feral cats.

thank you

Answer by Kate
Your vet won't work on feral cats? Why not if you are paying, how strange. Anyway i don't think that you can tell by just lookingf at the nipples on act if they are preganant or not. Only a vet can tell during the early period. Then in the last few weeks she will get noticibly bigger, her nipples will protrude more and she will start nesting behavior. See my page here about cat pregnancy under cat heath.

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