is my cat sick?

by Monique
(sydney, nsw, australia)

ever since i got my kitten (now 6 months old) she's had a big tummy. i thought it was worms, so i wormed her.

but now, for the past month or so, she wont eat her wet food, she'll pick at it.. and leave it.. but she will eat her biscuits. she drinks plenty of water...
we had a flea problem a few months ago, but now they are relatively contained.
the past 3 days she has been pooing really sloppily. like, when she goes, you can hear it all watery and it sounds like wet farting.
it looks like unformed softserve icecream (bad image, sorry)
but she seems fine.. she's really really vocal all the time, and loving and cute, she's very active. she had shots when she was 3 months, she's de-sexed, micro chipped. she is wearing a flea collar, and her fur is really shiney and soft.
her breath is quite bad at times, but her teeth seem fine.
also, her mother was only on her first or second heat when she gave birth to her litter.
my cats brother and 2 sisters are fine i think...
can you help?
thanks :)

Answer by Kate
Sounds to me like she has a tummy upset at the moment causing the watery stools and perhaps also the lack of appetite(my own cat does this from time to time when she has been naughty and eat something bad outside but it usually passes in day or two)

if the problem persists then you will have to take her to the vets in case she does have a more several tummy upset or even a bad case of worms.

I would also suggest removing the flea collar and using the monthly drop on flea treatments. much easier to use, and they also protect against some worms too. Also some cast react badly to flea collars, so it might be worth changing over treatment.

Cats also have a natural in built system for wanting to eat different things. It comes from the fact that when they lived in the wild they did not want to become reliant on one food type in case it became scarece. this is why we sometime think our cats are being fussy eaters. try her with a different brand or flavour of food and see if that encourages her to eat (once her current tummy problem is sorted out)

i hope she is better soon

best wishes Kate

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