Is my stray cat pregnant??

by cj

My beautiful Truly.

My beautiful Truly.

Hi, well a couple of weeks ago a stray cat sort of adopted me, I saw her on the monday and stroked her and by the wednesday she had moved in. I did the necessary stuff, phoned the vets around us and checked the lost cats and gave our details, checked to see if she was microchipped, she wasnt. I noticed in her first few days that she ate everything and anything she could find which is understandable for a stray, but she was a very healthy stray and had a bit of a belly on her, which started me off thinking. I looked it up online and read that you can feel the kittens in the belly, hear the bubbling of amniotic fluid, see that the nipples are pink and enlarged and that they stay close to the house, eat more or less and get occasional morning sickness.

Well i checked her stomach and felt a sort of round hard yet soft ball near her ribs between her side and the bottom of the belly, im not sure if the nipples have pinked, ive compared them to my other cat and they are pinker and bigger than hers but not by much. I hear little bubbling when i listen to the ball and its different to the gargle of her stomach. We took her to the vets where a nurse and vet had a quick feel and i mean a quick feel, it wasnt thorough. And they said it was very very unlikely she was pregnant and we should probably put her on a diet. But since then ive noticed she doesnt go anywhere but the house, our garden and next doors garden and that shes really loving and affectionate. Recently she ate her dinner, then ran upstairs and was sick in our bedroom and has also recently bin getting quite touchy when i feel her stomach, she doesnt really mind when i check her nipples but if i go to her lower abdomen she lets me know she doesnt like it, by growling and rolling over and walking away, occassionally scratching.
I dont know her history so i dont know whether her personality has changed of whether her nipples are pinker and bigger than usual or even if her bellys different, we dont know if shes spayed either so..
please let me know what
you think from the information ive given you if you think she is pregnant or not, because id like to take care of her properly if she is. Thankyou.
Also her stomach is quite hard!

First of all I want to say this. What on earth is your vet doing? I can't believe he hasn't provided you with more help regarding her condition. yes it would take further tests etc to discover if she is spayed etc but thats what he should be doing. Plus if he thinks she is not pregnant could he explain the lump in her belly etc.

I'm sorry but i hear it time and again when a vet leaves a owner still guessing and not knowing what to do for the best. Sorry but it makes me mad, i have a wonderful vet and it breaks my heart to think of other cats not getting the same attention.

Anyway back to your situation. well there is not much you can do really. if she was pregnant it often doesn't show until the final weeks. Also vomiting et is not really a sign at all and much of her symptoms could be put down to her being so grateful to having a new home (the affection, the change and abundance in food etc).

All it is not a good idea to keep feeling for a possible kitten, it can actually damage the kitten inside if there was one, that is why a vet should do it as they know what they are touching etc.

All i can suggest is that you keep an eye on her over the coming week and see if there are any other possible signs of illness (if she is not pregnant and something else is going on), not eating, not playing etc. If so then another trip to the vets will be necessary.

if she is pregnant then all the care she needs is to be given good cat food and lost of affection which i'm sure she is getting anyway. there really isn't any extra care they need other than that.

i have lots of pages on my site regarding cat pregnancy and care etc which you may find of further help if it turns out she is pregnant.

Hope all is well, she looks like a great cat to me :)

best wishes kate

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Pitiful vet care
by: Carmella

I myself am in the same situation with my outdoor stray. Because of the weather, I have brought her indoors. She’s semi- feral but her sides are bulging and if expecting , I am afraid to let her out. The very first thing I would suggest for you is to locate a competent, caring vet!! They will be able to tell you if your kitty is expecting from a simple blood test. Or there are other options for the diagnosis. I myself have 3 felines I’m caring for on a small disability check, and cannot afford to take my little stray for testing. Good luck with the vet search. There many good ones out there.

Pregnant or not?
by: Cat lover

Probly should wait n see. I have a one year old stray female kitten who has a firm belly but won't let me touch her lower belly. She eats alot. Please help! She also has a weird green mark on her lower belly too but she Dosent let me get a closer look.

is she pregnant
by: kat martinrz

I think this stray cat is pregnant,she is very very affectionate towards me and dhe is reslly heavy but not big..when she sees food she makes a little groan and when i pick her up she hs a groan sound comeing from her..i dont know what to do..please advise

Is my 1yr old stray pregnant?

We also had a stray cat adopt us recently. Best friends with my fixed male cat. She is really sweet, rubs around your legs & purrs. But she has been traumatised by someone & does not like people touching her with their hands. She is very small but her stomach is large and barrel shaped. She also eats a lot. As of yet I don't see any enlarged nipples. She does not want to sleep inside at night just yet. Any info would be great. Bear in mind that I can not catch her just yet to go vet. She would really freak out and tear me up.

by: Ep

Hi,I Am in great distress. We have taken in a stray 1 year old cat. In so worried she might be pregnant.she has gained weight. She eats a lot. Her belly is hard. I want to wait and see but my husband wants her spayed very soon. The vet also said she should be spayed soon. He gave her her booster shots. The vet said she looked poofy. He checked but did not say she was pregnant. I can't bear the thought of what happens if she is spayed. I just don't know if she is pregnant. The doctor did say we could wait a month and see what happens. I will try to talk my husband into it although he is adamant about spraying her. Thank you for letting me share this with you.

by: CJ

No she wasn't pregnant!
She was showing all the signs but after living with her for a while nothing changed, her stomach is quite big and hard anyway and she has one coral coloured nipple in her normal state!

Id say try and take her to the vet to see if she is pregnant but also watch the stray you have for a while and see if she changes or whether like Truly, shes just in her normal state.

saame thing to my stray!
by: eymi

was your cat actually pregnant?
what happened?

this is the exact same thing thats happening to meee :/
please help...

by: CJ

Thankyou, its good to hear that im doing the right thing by just waiting and watching! Dont worry i never press on her belly, i just run my fingers across as if stroking her and when shes stretched out thats when i can feel the lump. Im a bit of a worrier anyway and shes just such a lovely cat! and if she isnt pregnant my thought was also.. what is that lump! Ive recently changed vets so hopefully the vets im at now will be a lot better! Again thankyou for the advice, and just the reassurance! CJ.

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