Is this normal??????????

by Staycee
(London UK)

Mum + her baby

Mum + her baby


My cat gave birth to 1 kitten yesterday morning. Everything went really well (apart from ppl trying 2 scare me by saying there might be 1 stuck in her!)

Thing is I noticed this morning that she has a little bloody discharge around her vagina. She's happy in herself feeding her baby and coming over to be affectionate and stuff but I worry if this discharge is normal - I'd hate for anything to happen to my cat or her baby. Is this discharge normal? It's not a lot I'm just worried as this is a first for me lol.

Many many thanks

Answer by Kate
Hi well this is a difficult one to answer really as it is not unusual for a cat to have only one kitten. and the discharge is normal too, just like after a human birth their is fluid and discharge still inside which takes a few days to be released that is why human mothers where special pads after birth.

The easiest thing for you to do is to watch your cats behaviour, if she is eating ok, using the litter ok ans is basically acting in a normal fashion than I would not worry. i think if there was anything wrong then she would show signs of distress and her behaviour would change, in which case the only answer is to take her to the vets.

But from what I understand everything sound normal and great to me. :)

best wishes Kate

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thank u
by: Staycee

Thank u eva so much 4 ur advice (",)

She is a very happy cat purring, eating (more then usual but i know thats normal) and going to the toilet just fine (and baby is doing well also) (",)

I have just 1 more question though:

I have 2 other cats: an older female and a male (the father) should I keep these away?

They have been around where the box is and sniffed around then thats it they either go away or sleep on a chair nearby (she gave birth under my kitchen table so i left the box under there)

Answer by Kate
It is is usually a good idea to keep other cats away fro just a few days after birth just to give the mother cat some space and to bond with her kittens but after that it should be fine for the other cats to meet the new kittens, in fact it is very good for the kittens to meet as many new animals during the first few weeks of their lives. It helps them to be sociable animals throughout there lives. :)

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