Issues between adult male cat and young female kitten.

by Kelsey Olive
(Fort Wayne, Indiana)



I have 1 neutered male cat, Loki, a little over a year old, and 1 female kitten, Freyja, who is 8 weeks old. We just got her as a companion for Loki 2 days ago. He is extremely interested in Freyja, won't even play with his laser pointer or play fetch with us while she is in the room. He focuses all of his attention on her. He continually paws at her (not using his claws), bites her on the neck, and licks her bum until Freyja can't take anymore and hisses at him. He immediately removes himself from the situation, only to perch somewhere in the house to watch her until his next chance at her. Is my kitten in danger? Are these just elaborate dominance displays?

Answer by Kate
No this sounds absolutely normal. he is curious about her and wants to play with her by the sounds of it.

I really wouldn't worry, they will sort out their relationship together on their own. the biting etc sounds just like play, it can look rather aggressive at times but the very fact that when she hisses he moves away is an indication that he knows when the game has gone too far.

best wishes Kate

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Similar issues with my male cat and female kitten
by: Tom

Hi, my girlfriend and I are facing a very similar issue with our 6mth male cat, Inka and 7wk old female kitten, Tako.. Inka has concentrated all his play these last two days out of 5 days spent together primarily biting Tako's neck and at times attempting to drag her along between his legs. Yes her meow has an element of stress to its tone and does sound painful. We are fearful that he will bite too hard and cause a major injury to Tako's tiny neck and in the worst case, I dare to say... break it...3 times in the last two days I have taken Inka to the bedroom and let him calm down as my girlfriend watches the ever so playful kitten. When play resumes it inevitably gets to this neck biting scenario that has us worried. There is no hissing or growling. Inka's age and size have him the upper hand but still gets put in his place by her... Apart from this one issue both Inka and Tako are building a beautiful relationship. Should we be worried and are we doing the correct move separating them when play starts accelerating to continual neck biting.

Please help :)

Thanks so much!
by: Kelsey Olive

I really appreciate your quick answer...and thank you so much for putting my mind at ease about the situation. Now I don't have to stand guard every time Loki starts to investigate Freyja.

Again, thank you so much!

-- Kelsey

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