Issues with my bengal cat

by Lisa
(Raleigh, North Carolina)

Our 4 year old pure bred bengal cat hunts my 14 year old daughter and myself. He also will go up and bite someone or jump up behing them while sitting on the coach and bite them. He has bitten us on the top of the head while we sleep, our face cheeks, arms. You can be asleep or just sitting there and he will sink his teeth into you as hard as he can. We had our friends two year old over and he was just standing on the stairs when the cat jumped up and bit him in the back of the head. Then one of my daughters friends was walking in the front door put her stuff down and the cat jumped out of nowhere and bit her in the back of the leg! He gets this WILD look in his eye and really looks crazy.

Then my second thing is when he gets mad he goes up and poops on our bed. If he is mad at our daughter he goes and poops her bed, if he's mad at us he will poop on our bed.

He is loved and fed top food, taken to the vet regularly for his yearly visits, etc. He is a very moody cat!

What to do? I can't take it!

Answer by Kate
You have not mentioned if your male cat is neutered or not. If not then this would explain a lot of the behaviour.

However also a Bengal cat is a very active cat and needs lots of stimulus to keep them happy. After all it is instinctual to them to want to hunt, stalk, chase, run, climb, jump etc every day and if they have no outlet for that they will use humans as their practice prey. All the behaviour you describe sounds like a young energetic cat carrying out his natural instincts.

I don't know what your home environment is like and whether or not your cat has access to outside or not, so all I can do is to advise that if he is not neutered then this would be a good first step. then you also need to make sure that he gets lots of exercise and has plenty to keep him happy. I have a web page with some advice about that here

Your Bengal will need lots of space to be able to exercise properly so if it is possible to have an outside area where he can climb etc would help his temperament alot.

best wishes Kte

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About your Bengal cat problems
by: Anonymous

I have 2 Bengals and they do require a lot of attention. They need daily time to play with thier people. I have several cat trees for them to climb on and lots of cat toys for them. Our boy loves to sit in the window during the day. Our girl is a little love bug but she can also be a pushy cat when it comes to our other non bengal cat. The get burst of energy and run through the house, usually in the morning and chase each other puffed up. They love to grab your leg around the ankle and bunny kick and they bite, but they are playing and excited as they bunny kick our ankles. They can be taught not to play that way on your legs but it takes time. We have fun with them playing that way.
It sounds like your cat needs a lot of activity so it is ready to settle down when you go to bed at night. When it bites, firmly say NO and they will get the message if you are consistant.
They like the litter box scooped everyday, so if you are not doing that, it may account for the mess on the bed. I hope you can work things out with your Bengal. We love ours.

You can check ours out at my blog:

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