Jan 2012 - Cats Love Watching Television

by Kate

Byron Our Cat Watching TV

Byron Our Cat Watching TV

We were lucky enough to be given a huge TV for free from one of our friends who had bought themselves a big new one as a Christmas present to themselves.

It is huge, well it looks that way to us in our small house anyway and it takes up quite a large space in our living room.

The strange thing is, ever since we got it our two cats Byron and Shelley seem to have become addicted to watching TV. They never paid attention before to our smaller TV but this one seems to grip them for ages.

It doesn't matter what is on, adverts, the news, even murder mysteries. As soon as they walk into the room they sit in front of the TV and stare at it for ages. They really look engrossed by it, it really is rather funny to see.

The picture of Byron above is a prime example of how engrossed he becomes with the TV. he doesn't even notice that I am taking a picture and normally he hates that.

I do think that animal programmes are their favourite shows though, especially Meer cat manor. Their little eyes follow the little critters all around the screen and they look generally interested in what’s going on.

I often wonder what on earth they think TV is. They don't seem to think that the animals are in the room at all, so they must realise that they are just looking at a picture. I've always said cats are much more intelligent than a lot of people give them credit for.

It must be the fact that the TV is so much bigger that it catches the cats eyes more than the old TV did. I must make sure that I monitor what they watch. I don’t want them being subjected to violent or horrific films. After all they are only three years old.

Does your cat like to watch TV? If so what is their favourite program?

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by: tracy Nebraska

What a unique cat you have. How precious.

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