joining cat households

I am getting ready to join households with another cat owner. We each have two indoor cats. His cats are

declawed, brother and sister, not afraid of people, reasonably attentive to people other than owner, ad about 3-4 years old. My cats have claws, two males, not related but adopted at the same time, about 6 years old. They were strays, born outside, but adopted as kittens. I live alone, and with me they are warm and friendly. They usually hide when anyone else is around, or if very familiar withthe person they will come around, but at arms distance, and do not want to be touched. The other owner is afraid my cats will hurt is cats since they are the one's with claws, Do you have any
suggestions about how we can accomplish this? Thanks for your help.

Answer from KAte
Oh Dear, this does not sound like a good move to me at all and for several reasons.

I hope you will allow me to be frank with you.

firstly if the other owner is the sort of person who has had his cats declawed and is afraid of other cats hurting his then he really isn't going to like having more cats in his home. reason because cats are not pack animals like dogs and do not like to live in too closre proximity to other cats unless theyahave been brought up together from a very young age. even then flare up can occur from time to time.

If 4 cats are going to live together inside only, i can guarantee there will be battles and this may never be over come. Sometimes cat will learn to give each other a wide berth but if they are living in close conditions this will not be easy and so fights will break out.

He may worry that his cats are more vulnerable than yours as he has taken away their ability to defend themselves properly by having them declawed ( if it was him who did it). Cats use their teeth as well as their claws to fight so even your cats may walk away with some bites too etc.

What can I say, the only thing you can try is a long period of introduction between the cats. it takes time and patience and as i say there are no guarantees. the process is described in more detail here

I wish you all the best and hope you can find a solution to make things work.

best wishes KAte

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