jumpiness/ constant licking/cleaning

by Zoe

burmese cat

burmese cat

why is my Burmese 1 and half yr old cat all of a sudden jumpy and constantly cleaning her self? also more vocal .

i recently moved home, could this be the reason?

Hi yes anxiety could be an issue as over grooming can be an indication of this.

however the jumpiness may suggest that she is being irritated by something. Fleas? Mites and allergy to something in the house?

Check to make sure she is flea and mite free and that there are no scabs on her skin. It could well be that your new home may have had a dormant flea population waiting for a cat to pass through. So you may need to treat your home too.

I'm afraid you will have to be a detective for a few days to discover the actual cause. I do have some pages on my site which you may find of further help here

flea treaments


best wishes kate

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