Just had kittens and is acting weird?

by Natalie
(Philadelphia, PA)

My cat just had kittens either last night or this morning. I found her down the basement this morning with her stomach looking much thinner so I knew she had the babies. When I opened the basement door she came running towards me and I saw her stomach thinner like I said before. So I waited a minute and watched her go over to a specific area where there was a lot of dirty laundry and there were four kittens there. I brought her upstairs put her and the kittens in a box. I have two questions. I took her down the basement twice to go in her litter box and she keeps going over to the spot she had the kittens at. Which is no where near the litter box and she is not going to the bathroom either. Does this mean anything? Like there is a kitten still over there somewhere. I looked through there a couple times and found nothing. She just sits in that spot kind of looking around. I even brought one of her kittens down to show her they were upstairs and not down the basement anymore. She usually grabs the kittens out of my hand when I hold one but she didn't do anything both times. My second question is that her stomach still has a bump on each side. Is it possible she keeps going to the spot she had the kittens in because she has more to deliver? I am so new to all this. I am mad at myself that I didn't bring her up from the basement last night because I was scared a baby would be born and needed my help in opening the sac if she couldn't. So with the information I have given you, does this sound familiar?


Answer by Kate
well It is possible that she still has a one more kitten to deliver sometimes there can be many hours between deliveries.

It was as shame that you moved her and the kittens so soon and this may have upset her a little and perhaps made her a little confused and that is why she is returning to the spot she chose to have her kittens.

i wouldn't worry too much at this stage. keep an eye on her and if she does not eat or appears to be in some discomfort with nothing happening then i would take her to the vets to be on the safe side.

hopefully though she is fine and will be back to her old self again in a few days. She will get used to the new place you have put her kittens.

best wishes Kate

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