just spayed 4 days ago cat keeps crying

by Angie

my cat got spayed 4 days ago, also got a chip inserted, and she keeps crying.

Answer by Kate
Hi, well she may still be a little sore from the surgery and this is making her feel out of sorts. Crying can just be there way of wanting attention to get some reassurance from you that everything is Ok.
Of course she has also been through a rather unusual experience ie going to the vets, being man handled a bit by strangers and being surrounded by lots of different smells etc. this could have also unsettled her and she is taking a little longer than normal to settle down again.

My recommendation is to keep an eye on her for another couple of days, make sure she is eating and drinking etc as normal and give her lots of things to keep her occupied. Hopefully she will settle down again soon. if not and you are still worried then take her for another check up just to make sure that there were no complications to the surgery.

best wishes Kate

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depressed cat
by: Anonymous

I have a feral/stray cat that I took 3days ago to be spayed and she just can't seem to get herself together. she crys a lot and she follow me all around when I am outside and get mad when i get in the car to go somewhere. she is at my back door at daybreak,knocking on the door to wake me up. she does not want me out of her site,. She never cryed before and I am worried that she is depressed or very sad. i dodn't know what to do with her.

Answer by KAte
it will take some time for her to get used to her new home and surrounding etc, give her time, don't worry too much sher will settle down.

In Pain
by: Anonymous

Your Beautiful baby is in great pain! Most vets now give cat owners 4-5 days worth of pain medicine to use in the days following spaying. Be sure that your vet give you pain medication.

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