Kalie adopted me - Cat Rescue Story

by char

It all started when a friend of mine rescued a kitten maybe about 7 or 8 mos. old from a tree in the woods near our home. She decided to stay, but wouldn't go in anyone's house. She was very loveable and friendly with everyone. I said to my boyfriend I know we got two cats but she is so cute. He responded I know she is but she won't go in anyone's house, I said well let me see about that, I called her and opened my porch door and in she came. I checked with the local animal shelter as well as the surrounding homes in the area and no one knew where she came from.

Well she now is my cat. She came to us in October 2009 and she has an appointment to be spayed in March. We have 2 other cats(Tinker is 3 and Fancy is 2 old) that are spayed as well. The cats accepted her and my Fancy treats her like she's her own kitten. It's so cute to watch them together. Anyways I named her Kalie she's an in and outside cat like my other two. So I say she adopted us. She seems quite happy and content. She's basically my cat as she follows me all over the house and sleeps near my feet at night.

Comment from Kate (site owner)
Thank you for telling us your story, Its great to hear that another little stray is being looked after. :)

I too have been "adopted"
by: Steven

I moved into the house I currently live in March 2012, there was a small short haired all black cat that lives under the house, but was nobody's pet. The other tenants made sure the cat had food and water, but the cat rarely approached them.

I'm actually a dog person, but love animals in general, so it surprised me that after only a few weeks the cat started sitting or laying near me. No touching, but kinda "hung out" when I was on the front porch, and after a couple more weeks she started wanting to be petted. It's October 2012 now, I've named her Misha (and she responds to it), and she comes and goes inside the house freely (spends 90% of that in my bedroom) even sleeping on my bed overnight.

I want to be worthy of the trust she has put in me, I'm very new to cat "ownership", so how will I know she's happy besides the purring, the wanting to be near me, and the occasional licks and nibbles she gives me?

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