Katie's story

by Maria

About 3 years ago my fiance and i were mourning the death of our cat Felix (he escaped out of the window and was run over by car). we felt as if we had lost a son.

a few months later my fiance decided that we should get another cat but this time would look on craigslist for a unwanted cat that deserved all the love and attention we could give.
Thats where we met Serge and his wife. Serge was driving with his wife along a highway at night. the car infront of him stoped opened out thier car door and let something out. he was curious so he stoped and opened his car door as well . in poped a cat on his knee. she looked at him and he couldn't bring himself to put her back on the ground so they brought her home. They brought her to the vet and got her her shots and kept her healthy. Sadly they couldn't keep her as they had 2 male cats that didn't not like Tiger (as they named her) so Serge put a posting on craigs list. Thats where my fiance and him got to talking (messaging back and forth) and agreed to meet up at our house with tiger and see if we got along. I felt sorry for the kitty but was still missing felix very much that i was hesitant about getting another cat. well the day came and my fiance opened the door and greeted serge. i said hello and peered into the little cat carrier. i fell in love instantly. Katie (tigers name was changed instantly) was a beautiful red and brown tabby with the most adorable green eyes. I let her out of the carrier and we played. Serge instanly saw our bonding and went on to talk about her food and toys which he brought. katie and i played and ignored them talking. about 30 minutes later katie and i said goodbye to serge. Katie and i went into the bedroom where she jumped on the bed and found a comfortable spot. i laid next to her and she climbed on my chest and started purring as she fell asleep. it has been 3 years now and Katie is the most amazing cat. she has a sister now, jersey who is two and they love eachother. My fiance and i are the most luckiest cat parents and are so greateful to craigs list and serge for bringing Katie into our lives. This was out success story.

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