Keeping me up at night!

by Lindsey
(Roseville, CA, USA )

Hi all.

My cat is about 4 years old, almost 5. I have had him since he was a baby. For the past few weeks he has been acting very odd- running around the house at all hours, scratching furniture (which he has never done before, and he has a scratching post), and meowing loudly at nothing. I've tried giving him more attention, but I'm afraid something more could be wrong with him. He is eating like usual, drinking like usual. Nothing odd in the litter box. He's just.. being weird. Very weird. And I'm not sure how much longer my husband is going to put up with the lack of sleep. :(

Any ideas? I need to know what is wrong (is he sick, maybe?) or how to calm him down, at least at night!


Answer by Kate
and now for the bad news. I have had my cat for 14 years and every night she does exactly the same. She explores every nook and carnny makes weird yowling noises at nothing and scratches at doors and cupboards.

We have come to the conclusion that she gets a little night crazy which is not surprising really when you consider that night time is when the cat is naturaly most active ie hunting etc. It is intinctual.

The only thing you can try is to try and create a different ritual at night. say play a vigourous game about an hour before bed time, feed just before bedtime and to put your cat into a seperate room with their bed and toys etc.

best wishes Kate

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